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Our Impact

We see an opportunity in our global consume system to change the world of tomorrow

Our Theory

We believe that the global consumption system of our world will experience the biggest change in history. Driven by new consumer behaviors and technology innovation the way how we consume products will change. Today consumers around the world are spending an massive amount of $63 trillion in consumer products. What if we could use a share of this mega industry to create solutions that solve our society issues and create a better tomorrow. Our theory is that 5% of the global consume could have the biggest impact in human history. We know that we could not change the system by our own but we think that we can take the first step and be a future example of a modern consume enterprise that influences others in our industry to follow. 

The big vision

A world where humans are working together as one to solve social issues.

Our methodology

How we take the first step to make our vision become reality some day. 

World Changer seal

We created a unique seal that educates consumers about the vision we have.

Sustainable operations

Our commitment to sustainability paves the way of business operations to have a positive impact. 

Stop climate change

We believe we have an obligation to stop climate change and reducing carbon emission to zero will have an impact. 

Creating a tomorrow

We see the world as one big family where everyone has the right to a tomorrow. We’re working to make it happen.

Dear humanity,

Each and every year, around 3 billion consumers in the world are spending an unbelievable amount of $63 trillion on consumer products. There seems to be nothing that we can’t get in matter of minutes, especially when modern technology is used to create new consumer experiences. The consumer industry is controlling the world, but what if we could change this system a little bit to have a huge impact for the future? We’re not talking about to stop or change the development of the modern consume. 

What we are talking about is to use the massive power of the global consume to influence the human story of the future.

In fact, there are huge problems that needs to be solved in the near future. Problems like our fast changing climate, the lack of infrastructure in many parts of the world and the mental health in the wealthy parts of our society.

We think that system is moving in a whole wrong direction and we want to have a game-changing impact on this system. But how to change it?

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to change the world

What we believe what $3.15 trillion can do for tomorrow's world?

Could you imagine what huge power an amount of $3.15 trillion have. And if spend right it could have a never seen influence for the society of tomorrow. We know it’s really hard to get an understanding of how much this really is, but we want to try to make it easier.

First of all let’s have a look on the biggest global issues. For sure we know that one big problem is that on the one side a small group of our population is growing wealth like never before and on the other side there are millions over millions that live in extreme poverty. But also the once that are living a king of “normal” live are not problem less. The climate change will effect every part of our nature. The fast moving world that is not in a health balance results in weak mental health of our population. And the lack of modern infrastructure in many places around the world, significantly restricts the lives of billions of people.  Global pandemics are risking our modern health-systems…

The list of issue is long. But if we’d able to change our perspective and mindset we could start solving these issues step by step, which will have a huge impact for future generation.

We at BRANCONIC see our generation as the one who is here to make a change and we’ve decided to take the first step into a new direction by building a system that is driven by the community. To reach the amount of $3.15 trillion that goes into the “World Changer” fund it will take decades but everything starts at some points and we would try to give this idea a platform to grow. If we invest a small part of our money with a purpose to solve problems we’ll be able to see a progress. And all this without stopping the consume that we love.

Quite the opposite if we are able to grow the consume we’d also be able to spend more in solving our economy issues. Think about the impact to build educational platforms in communities that have no access to it. Think about consumer products that are manufactured with a primary focus on sustainability. Think about a global community whose voice can change the minds of even the opponents of change. And think about the impact for the next generation that have a chance to enjoy the beauty of our nature like we did.

All this is possible if we act as one.

Our role in change

We're going the first step into a global movement of change that will create a new mindset

BRANCONIC’s role is to build a own little consume  system that has the mission to solve social issues in the world. Therefore we’re building a social fund that is filled with 5% of our global profit. We know that we ourselves cannot master a great change, but we’re sharing our vision with all our partners, suppliers, manufactures and animate them to join our mission and to help filling the BRANCONIC social fund.

Our shareholders are the humans of the world and we’ve created a systems that controls the cash-flow and brings money where it’s needed most. That allows us to give a consumer the choice to help end extreme poverty If this new system works, BRANCONIC could reach more and more countries, and together, 

we could change the course of history, and see a whole new generation of consumerism where consumers are more focused on their behaviour than on the smallest price. And with higher quality products and a higher margin we can give more to help people that are living at the minimum.

We know that is a huge vision. But ask yourself the question: “What if it would be possible?”

Together we can have an impact.
And we need you the consumers to make it happen.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

- Steve Jobs -
Our methodology
Our theory of change

A theory of change is a working hypothesis, which sums up the change we are seeking to address in the world, and how we go about it. This is ours:

Create an ecosystem that uses consume to solve social issues.

The challenges

Climate change

Mental Health


Lack of Infrastructure

How we want to change it

BRANCONIC develops a digital based consume ecosystem that is open for any expansion with a vision as a driver for progress and change. An ecosystem that will work someday at it own, maintained by the humanity of tomorrow. 

Our vision

A world where the global consume supports to solve our social and climate issues.*

* Issue we want to solve are: Closing the gap of missing infrastructure,  creation of a reliable food supply and optimizing our sustainability process to stop the climat change in the near future. The following map shows the world wide awareness of our social and climate issues:

The challenges

Climate change

The global climate change affect every creature on our planet. The globalization of our consume world plays a big role in which direction our climate change will go in the future.  

Mental health

Mental illness, also called mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Examples of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviors.

Lack of Infrastructure

The gab between different nations regarding infrastructure like eduction, medical care etc. is becoming bigger and bigger. We live in so called “modern world” but at many places this kind of modern is not existing. 

Our solutions

BRANCONIC aims to help close the bridge between the consistently growing consume power and the current existing social and nature issues of the world. Our mission is to create a ecosystem that helps to build a fundamental platform that solves social issues until 2030 and reducing carbon emission to zero will have an impact. 


BRANCONIC will generate and redistribute wealth using a social enterprise funding model

BRANCONIC’s product brands that are mainly existing in the digital world are a vehicle to redistribute wealth. Our main focus is not to build wealth an hold it by our own. We believe in a fair system that cares about everyone. Our brands brining consumers alternative choices with a different purpose. We’re giving 5% of our global profit to organisations and NGO’s that are focused to solve social and climate issues around the world. In addition to that we’re creating unique campaigns that are designed to go viral, grab the markets attention and collect new wealth that goes 100% to our social fund. We also hope that by scaling up this model, other organisations join us in committing to solve our world’s biggest issues. 


BRANCONIC builds product brands that are designed to have a positive impact on the consumers mental health

All our products brands are designed based on deep psychological research. We’ve a mission to create a unique shopping experience for clients. So we’re placing little psychological and emotional triggers in the language of our brands and also hidden in parts of the products itself (like the packaging for example) to put a smile on their face. We believe that with little so called “easter eggs” we’re influencing the mindset in a very positive way. 


Building impactful partnerships around the world

We believe in strong partnerships. Because when it comes to identifying and solving major problems in our world partnerships are really important to succeed. BRANCONIC main business is to develop unique product brands and optimize current product solutions based on customer driven innovation, and to market them mainly online. All the manufacturing, logistic and packaging process is made by proven partners in our network that support our defined sustainable responsibilities. Also we’re communicating our unique “change maker” vision to build partnerships that actively support our social fund. 

World Changer

Could we give 5% to create a better tomorrow? Image a future world where we are using 5% of the global amount that is spend into consumer products to have a positive impact for the human future. And we believe that everyone that makes a living out of the consumer product industry can give 5 % to make this happen.

Think about what this amount can change in our world. We would be able to solve the biggest problems in the human future and would build the fundamentals of a better tomorrow. So let’ all get together and unite to change the world.

World Changer uses a simple but powerful method to share our vision with consumers around the world

BRANCONIC invented a simple but powerful solution to share our vision of using consume wealth to help solving major social and climate issues with consumers around the world. 

Every of our products will get the so called “world changer badge” on it or it’s packaging. It’s something like the global known “fair trade” seal. On the badge itself, consumers will find a QR code and animates them to scan it. 

Next they will find all the information about the world changer mission to educate them why they’re finding this badge on their product. We’ll let them know that we will give a 5% share of the profit made from the product to our social fund, which supports projects and organisations to have an impact.  

Also we animate the consumers to share our vision with a simple social media post by following our instructions. 

This allows us to make the vision go viral without spending huge amounts in marketing. We believe that such a vision will inspire people all around the world and that the community will help us to make it go viral. 

Also we’re working to growing our world changer network to put our badge on other brands products that want to share our vision and support to help solving our major worlds issues. 

Together we can change the course of history and create a tomorrow for the next generations

More about BRANCONIC

Sustainable operations

Learn more about our sustainable operations and our mission to be carbon emission free by 2040. 

Stop climate change

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