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We are alway open to expand our global network of big thinkers and change makers

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What do we understand in creating a brand? At BRANCONIC we see brands as a way of communication and not only a name designed as a logo combined with a brand identity. Every brand we create is like a own character that we make alive by telling a unique story in the language of the audience. We use the brand to build a emotional bridge between our customers and the products of a brand. This allows us to build long term relationships and a loyal customer base. Our brands listen to the market to create new products based on the innovation from the customers.

Brand builders

If your are a passionated brand builder with a highly creative mindset, we’re looking forward to meet you. 

Influencers & creators

If you are a social media influencer and creative content creator, we’re looking forward to meet you and introduce you our iconic brands. 

Manufacturer & suppliers

If you’re a manufacturer that cares about manufacturing sustainable next generation products, we’Re looking forward to meet you 

Logistic & warehouse operators

If you are modern logistic and warehouse operator that understands the potential of technology in the world of global logistics, we’Re looking forward to meet you. 

Brand builders

If you’re a passionate brand builder that has unique ideas about product innovations and you’re searching for a platform to grow your brand reach, your sales and market reputation, then we’re looking forward to meet you and your innovative ideas. 

Creative minds

You’re a creative mind that is like a bubbling volcano full of creative ideas. Then you are at the right place. We can give your idea the perfect platform to grow based on our global customer relations

Problem solvers

If there is a problem you’re the one who thinks different and sees a possibility in solving the problem. We’re alway open for new innovations. 

Brand builders

You understand the fundamentals of a strong brand or you have a detailed idea for a new product brand? We can help you let your idea become reality based on our global consumer platform. 

Influencers & Creators

If you love creating content and sharing it with a community, you love making new experiences and love to share your own thoughts and visions with the world, you are welcome to join our marketing network. We’re always open for new collaboration partnerships to build a bigger global community that shares our vision and innovations. 

We believe in the power of amazing content creators and influencers. And we know how to build strong collaboration fundamentals for long term partnerships.

We’re passionate about building the product brands of tomorrow and we are always looking for creative creators that join our network of iconic brand ambassadors. All our influencer partnerships are set for long-term

Marketing collaboration

Within our product portfolio we’re always searching for the right partners for creative marketing collaborations. 

Launch collaboration

We’re constantly launching new product collections within our brands. Therefore we’re working with a proven launch strategy where we love to work with creative content creators together to make our launch a success from which both parts will participate. 

Product collaboration

Our marketing partnerships are set for long term and we’re constantly working on product collaborations with our partners. Where our team and the creators are working on a special collection where we combine our brand identity with the one of the partner

Manufactures & Suppliers

If you are a forward thinking product manufacture that shares the vision to create amazing products that follow the principles of sustainability,  you are welcome to join our manufacturer network.

Our creative brains have a huge backlog of highly innovative product ideas. We're always open to meet new manufactures that share our principles of sustainability.

We have crazy and innovative product ideas for which we are always searching for next generation manufactures that help us realizing a product vision. 

Flexible manufacturing

We love flexibility and flexible partners. Our products are sometimes focused on niches where quality even with a lower MQQ is a highly important factor for us. If you are a manufacture that is open to work flexible we’re looking forward to meet you. 

Open for technology driven processes

Our business model is mainly digital driven, so war ar looking for manufacturing partners that are open for technology processes that help us to manage our supply chain more effective by reducing task work. 

Logistic & Warehouse

If you are logistic or warehouse operator that is open to work within technology based process to help us creating the next generation shopping experiences for our brands clients, we’re looking forward to meet you. 

The growing global world of e-commerce needs modern and forward thinking logistic and warehouse solutions. We're looking for partners that are working in step with the times.

We are always looking for new global logistic solutions that are open to join the world of e-commerce together with us. We’re working mainly technology based and looking for partners that love intelligent solutions as much as we did. 

Effective global transportation

Logistical efficiency pertains to the process of how effectively a business conducts operations. This relates to all areas of the operation that include transportation, warehousing, and overall distribution in general. Sounds like you then we looking forward to speak with you. 

Technology driven warehousing

Is your warehouse open to get connected with our online shopping network to proceed shippings right after a customer ordered from our stores? Then we’re looking to meet you. 


Fill out the form below and let us know who you are. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to talk about some more details with you. 

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